Monday, September 17, 2012

Your Peaceful Place

Good afternoon. Back to normal after a very crazy weekend for us. Homecoming week was crazy but so much fun. I am loving the experience of having a boy in high school. So many new things to see him experience and watch with different eyes than when we were going through it. We had a busy weekend and let me tell you, there is no rest for the weary in site. I look at my calendar for the week and think how in the world did all of this end up on here?? Do you ever feel that way? I know lately it has been like that more than I want it to be. Some days I just need a moment to just chill out, calm down, let go of the crazy and find some peace. My layout today shows you just where I have found to make that moment happen. We recently moved back to Colorado after living in Nebraska for 10 years. We have been settled into our house for a little over a month and while I am very happy with the house and find it to be so us, my favorite part of our place is not the house itself or anything inside, it is the backyard. David and I fell in love with the backyard the minute we stepped foot onto the deck when house hunting. You see, our backyard has a hill sitting at the back of it and it is landscaped beautifully with tall trees, gorgeous flowers and plants and best of all a stream running all the way down the hill that has several waterfalls in it. It is amazing and the sound of the running water is so peaceful and relaxing. In Colorado the weather is so much drier than what we have been used too, the nights actually cool down when the sun sets, and there are fewer bugs and mosquitoes to swat. This translates to dinner on the patio most nights, evenings chilling on the deck with friends, peaceful mornings drinking my coffee and having my quiet time (after the kids are gone). It is all a good break from the crazy that happens in between.

I used the Basic Grey Picadilly collection along with the brown background paper that I have actually had sitting in my stash for a very long time.  The letters are also from my old stash and were painted to go with the layout. I wasn't sure what I would use for this layout until yesterday when I went to grab the mail and found a prize pack I had won on a blog hop. It was the Picadilly line and was perfect to capture the feel of nature and bring the calm feeling I wanted.

So tell me what your peaceful place is? Where is it that you find yourself letting your stress go if even for a moment?

Can't wait to hear what you have to say.


  1. Lisa, your backyard sounds heavenly- definitely a place I wouldn't mind chilling in, either! My peaceful place: the few minutes I get in the shower!

  2. if I go away, it's the beach...any beach..but here at home, it's actually my scrapbook room...down on the lower level, all nice & the layout and so need to do one with the cool photo collage idea...

  3. A very pretty place to spend a peaceful how you scrapped the photos! My back yard is my to go place.

  4. Lisa - I featured your page on the Paper Issues blog today (Dec. 16th)
    Make sure to stop by and get your featured badge! :)


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