Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tough Guy

Today is about my tough guy. Finally my son got back in the game after sitting out with a shoulder injury for the last 5 weeks. Love it! (and cringe at the same time if I see someone coming at him.) I was worried how the shoulder would hold out but he said he felt great afterwards. Not sure he'd tell me the truth for fear of me sitting him out again :)

He's #11- playing quarterback.

The game didn't end so well, but he did throw for a touchdown!

Now here he is in a tough guy pose with his cousins and friends about 10 years ago. Who would have thought he'd be playing high school football now. Man, time is flying faster than I want it to. All these kiddos are so grown up now. Nathan is the third from the left. And look at those sweet little girls in the midst of the big, bad boys.

This layout came together pretty quickly. The background paper is an old Bo Bunny line I've had sitting around and I love how it already looks splattered and distressed. I've also had the chipboard brackets for a long time so I thought it was time to put them to good use. The title was cut with my Cricut using the Stand and Salute cartridge. The title was actually a connected title but I didn't like the way it fit so I cut and separated it to fit around the picture. This was made for the scraplift the person before you challenge at Always fun to look through someone else's work and use it for inspiration.

It's time for me to go clean my kitchen. Nathan has a bunch of guys over to watch the Nebraska/Wisconsin game. (Yes, my sweet Nebraska friends. We may have moved away but we took the Nebraska pride we learned with us. I even have on my Husker shirt!)  Chris has a friend over as well so the kitchen has been put to good use tonight! I may have left a few shelves empty at the Super Target stocking up on snacky food earlier today. My shopping cart surely looked like it. Tomorrow it's Broncos time. Big game against the Raiders.

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway in last Wednesday's post. I will be drawing for a winner on Monday.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colorful Colorado and Giveaway!

Hey there! We got some great rain last night so the air is fresh, crisp and very fall like. I love these kinds of mornings. A little coffee on the deck, sunshine, my puppy running around and enjoying her yard, the sound of the water from our waterfall... it all adds up to perfect. I am craving something pumpkin. I think today is the day for getting out the baking supplies and making pumpkin bread for the guys. (and me too!) I always have to make two because half of us like chocolate chips in our pumpkin bread and half are the plain, boring type! You know, I am loving this fall morning so much that I'm thinking today is the perfect day for that giveaway I talked about. I'll get to that in a minute :)

First I want to share a couple of the photos I took on our Cog Train trip up to the top of Pikes Peak this last weekend. My father in law recently turned 70 and his love is trains. This was definitely a fun one. We were at prime time for seeing the aspens turn color which was a huge bonus. What a magnificent site. The last time I was at the top of Pikes Peak was when I was a little girl, I'm guessing maybe 8 or 9, and this time I was awestruck at the views all around me as they truly show the beauty of God's creation. I always think how much fun he must have had planning all this amazing landscape out. The only disappointment of the day was the haze that covered everything from the fires happening in the Northwest. The smoke just hung in the air and even though the sun was out the clarity of the view was a little muted.

Love when I get a good picture of my sons with me.

He is really not as bored as he looks!
Our train at the top of Pikes Peak

My cute Father and Mother in Law. Couldn't ask for better ones.

And the typical teenager... beauty all around but electronics prevail.

This was taken out of the back window of the train so the glare is a bit of a pain, but don't you just love the color??

That's it. Gorgeous, huh?? Now it's time for the giveaway. I have been checking out the fall lines and thinking these are pics that need to be scrapped right away! I have fallen in love with the Simple Stories Harvest Lane and the Lily Bee Autumn Spice lines. I couldn't find the Lily Bee at my local scrap store but I did fine the Harvest Lane and am ready to take on these beautiful picks. Lucky you, I happened to pick up an extra 6x6 Harvest Lane pad as well as some other fall related goodies that I am ready to give away to one fabulous follower! All you need to do is click the follow button on left side and sign up to follow my blog and then leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about fall. That's it! Easy peasy.  I will pick a winner and announce it next week on my blog.

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Made It

Yeah! It's Saturday. This week has been such a long one and I am ready for a good weekend! Between migraines, a boy with bronchitis, another boy who is on crutches after a missed back flip on the trampoline at dive practice, and a drain back up that pretty much turned our finished basement into a not so finished one, I am looking forward to a trip to the mountains today and a visit with some of our best Lincoln friends!

Today we are headed to Pikes Peak where we will take the Cog Rail train to the top. My father in law recently turned 70 and his love is trains. At first we were talking about doing the Durango train or something similar, but with everyone's schedules it was impossible to find a time that worked. That may have to happen next summer. For now, this is the only weekend we don't have football games and everyone else had Saturday open so off we go. It's supposed to be a little hazy from the continuing fires in the Northwest so I'm not sure what kind of pictures I can capture, but I am hoping to get some action from my new camera and maybe grab some great shots. Tomorrow we have some friends driving through Denver on their way to New Mexico and they will be staying with us. So excited to spend some time with them. We are missing our Lincoln friends so badly! Last night I was saying something about having company and Nathan gave the typical teenage response of  "Who's coming now?" (insert the "ugh, now I have to give up my room and you sure didn't ask me attitude"). I told him it was Jason and Elizabeth and he perked up and said, "Oh, well that one's OK then. They'll be fun". So now we are ALL on board and are excited to have them come.

So we are in the middle of our several months of birthday after birthday and I have totally run out of cards in my stockpile. I spent some time this week trying to rectify that situation. Unfortunately life circumstances didn't quite line up with my intentions, but I did get a few done that I want to share. I love to make cards, it is a favorite crafty pursuit of mine. I love the feeling of giving something I've created to someone else. I also like that I can use what I have on hand instead of spending $4.00 a card! :) (nothing like being a little thrifty)

The first is a girly card that I made for a good friend of ours that just turned 11. When I get a chance to go girly I usually take it since there isn't too much of that going on in my house.  I used an older 6x6 pad of My Mind's Eye that I had on hand and used my Cricut to cut the borders and the butterfly.  Had to add a little bit of bling to bring it all together. 

This is a gift card holder I made for my nephew. I have started making more of these lately since all the kids have gotten older and they tend to like the cash or cards better.  The inside opens and says, "See dude, I speak your language!". There is a little pocket inside for the cash as well. This was made with left overs from my Basic Grey Picadilly layout as well as a Jillibean Soup label. 

Have a great weekend. Hope to have some fun pics to share from Pikes Peak.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Me?? Never!

I so had to share this. Not saying I've ever done this before, but...


Monday, September 17, 2012

Your Peaceful Place

Good afternoon. Back to normal after a very crazy weekend for us. Homecoming week was crazy but so much fun. I am loving the experience of having a boy in high school. So many new things to see him experience and watch with different eyes than when we were going through it. We had a busy weekend and let me tell you, there is no rest for the weary in site. I look at my calendar for the week and think how in the world did all of this end up on here?? Do you ever feel that way? I know lately it has been like that more than I want it to be. Some days I just need a moment to just chill out, calm down, let go of the crazy and find some peace. My layout today shows you just where I have found to make that moment happen. We recently moved back to Colorado after living in Nebraska for 10 years. We have been settled into our house for a little over a month and while I am very happy with the house and find it to be so us, my favorite part of our place is not the house itself or anything inside, it is the backyard. David and I fell in love with the backyard the minute we stepped foot onto the deck when house hunting. You see, our backyard has a hill sitting at the back of it and it is landscaped beautifully with tall trees, gorgeous flowers and plants and best of all a stream running all the way down the hill that has several waterfalls in it. It is amazing and the sound of the running water is so peaceful and relaxing. In Colorado the weather is so much drier than what we have been used too, the nights actually cool down when the sun sets, and there are fewer bugs and mosquitoes to swat. This translates to dinner on the patio most nights, evenings chilling on the deck with friends, peaceful mornings drinking my coffee and having my quiet time (after the kids are gone). It is all a good break from the crazy that happens in between.

I used the Basic Grey Picadilly collection along with the brown background paper that I have actually had sitting in my stash for a very long time.  The letters are also from my old stash and were painted to go with the layout. I wasn't sure what I would use for this layout until yesterday when I went to grab the mail and found a prize pack I had won on a blog hop. It was the Picadilly line and was perfect to capture the feel of nature and bring the calm feeling I wanted.

So tell me what your peaceful place is? Where is it that you find yourself letting your stress go if even for a moment?

Can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to you!
I spent my day on a field trip with about 100 seventh graders. We went to the Butterfly Pavilion and then took a hike up to Dinosaur Ridge. I didn't start the day with a great attitude. It has been such a  busy week and I had so many other things I wanted to do, but it turned out to be a pretty good day. The group of kids were actually very well behaved and pleasant. (yes, seventh graders can be that way! shocker!) It was fun to see Chris interact with the new group of friends he has met and to put some faces with names. I took my camera and played around with the different settings as we walked around. Here are a few of my favorite pics I captured.

I think I might have fun with this new toy! I have quite a bit I want to learn and am excited to pursue something I've been interested in for so long. In the last picture my camera lens had fogged up because of the humidity in the room. For some reason I love the effect it gives off. And of course I almost forgot to upload the best picture. Who can go to the Butterfly Pavilion and not hold Rosie?

Okay, I lie. I didn't actually hold Rosie. I left that to Chris and his friends with the excuse that I had to run the camera.  :)

Well, I am off to bed. Nathan just got home from the homecoming game and has an early game tomorrow. He has been able to begin practicing at half pace this week after his shoulder injury. No hitting yet, but he is working on getting his strength back and full movement of his arm. He is so ready to be off the sidelines. He has his first date tomorrow night for the homecoming dance. Not sure how I am going to handle that. My sweet baby can't be old enough for all this, right?? 

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You want to know more?

Hi! I told you I was going to use these first couple weeks getting to know me. Don't want to sound like I'm all into myself or anything, but when I read a blog I like to feel like I know that person. I ran across this little ABC's of Me list on a blog I read and thought I'd give it a whirl and let you in on some fun facts about me. I don't want to bore you so please if you hate this skip over it and come back tomorrow. I'm working on a layout of my favorite place and I think you will like it.

Here we go.

A. Age:39
B. Bed size: A King... and dear Mr. P still only gives my my tiny corner :) He's kind of a bed hog and uses his very tall stature as an excuse for crowding my side!
C. Chore that you hate: cleaning the bathrooms... for sure!
D. Dogs: Molly is my cute baby. Funny I say that because I am not a dog person at all. I refused to get a dog for so long and finally was convinced against my better judgement to give in for the sake of my boys. Now she is my girl and I love her to pieces. Other dogs still aren't my thing. I think God knew which puppy I could handle!
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee... used to be totally caffeine free for over 15 years and then started some medication that makes me so sleepy. I'm hooked now.
F. Favorite color: Blue. I love different shades of blue. My best friend loves to make fun of me because my closet is full of blue and when we shop she knows I always go for that color first.
G. Gourmet or comfort: I definitely am more of a comfort food girl although if someone wants to cook me a gourmet meal I'll take it. 
H. Height: 5'4 (pretty much)
I. Instruments you play: None. I have no musical talent AT ALL. And you don't want to hear me sing...ask my kids!
J. Job title: Mom, mommy, mama, slave, chauffeur, cook, coordinator, scheduler, mess picker upper, wife, bill payer, nurse, etc. You get the picture.
K. Kids: Two boys, Nathan (14) and Chris (12). Both are growing up so quick and I am proud of the incredible boys they are. 
L. Live: Colorado. I am back home after living in Nebraska for ten years and a year and a half stint in Virginia/DC
M. Mother’s name: Barbara... an amazing woman.
N. Nicknames: I don't even want to go there. My dad had many nicknames for me, many and still calls me them to this day because "I'll always be his baby."
O. Overnight hospital stays: Both my boys births and gall bladder surgery.
P. Pet peeves: Constant, repetitive noises... cracking or popping knuckles or joints.
Q. Quote from a movie: Can't think of one!
R. Right or left handed: Right handed
S. Siblings: An older brother and an older sister both of whom I love dearly. My brother loves to tease me mercilessly but he's a good guy. My sister is like my best friend. 
T. Time it takes you to get ready: about an hour if I have to have the kids motivated and moving too. Just me and no interruptions, maybe 45 minutes.
U. Ultimate Vacation: A beach, full service resort, no plans, just chill and do what we want when we want, with my family.
V. Vegetable you hate: I actually like vegetables. Beets? Pretty nasty.
W. What makes you run late: My children! Ha. 
X. X-Rays you’ve had: My feet before and after surgery.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I love to cook, but I really love to bake. I just made the best homemade Lemon Blueberry Muffins. Total hit! Our friend Jason would say Hello Dollies are his favorite!
Z. Zoo animal: Bears. I like to see them move and definitely like that they are kept away from me.

Hope some of you made it to this point. I would love for you to pick a letter or two and comment telling me something about you.

Have a super day.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Back

     Good Monday morning! I just got the kids off to school. It was a perfect morning. Birds chirping as I woke up, two boys bouncing out of their bed with smiles on their faces and kind words for each other. I sat and sipped coffee as we all ate a leisurely breakfast and then strolled out the door on time, no wait... ahead of time with happiness oozing out of our souls.  Yeah, right! I only wish that was the scenario. Why is that after years of doing this school thing, we still seem to have more mornings than not with chaos, grumpiness, can't find this, can't find that, you didn't sign this, school drop off ridiculousness with people who just don't follow rules (grrr...) etc. Goodness, that coffee I didn't get to sit and sip??? Poor me a gallon of it now!

     We had a beautiful weekend in Estes Park. It was the weekend of the big Scottish/Irish festival so there was a lot of fun happening in the town that we were able to see. We also took a gorgeous drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. I would say it was a great birthday weekend.

     I promised favorites so you could get to know me. Today's favorite is the reason I scrap book. It is looking back. I love to look back and remember. I love to flip through my albums and see moments that make up my family and our lives. I love seeing my boys or my husband flip through an album and get a smile on their face or see it trigger a conversation about whatever it is they are remembering. Memories are important to me. I want to preserve our history and give my children a way to pass their lives on to their children. This last year has firmed this need to preserve in my mind. My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and this last year I have seen a sharp decline in her memory and in her ability to recall events, people and pieces of her life. It is something I am not ready for. I never thought my mom, the strong woman I have always known, would begin to lose these things. I didn't prepare. There is so much I am thinking of and wishing I had talked more to her about. We always think we have more time, but the truth is we don't always know that. This is why I scrapbook. To get the memories in place.

     The layouts I am going to share with you today represent a look back at my first scrapbook layout as well as a look at how I might scrap that time today.  I started scrapping just after my first son was born. My style has taken many twists and turns over the years and you can clearly see that through my layouts. It has taken a change in perspective for me to be able to look back at those first albums and appreciate the joy and the love I put into those pages instead of critiquing the original style of scrapbooking I did. Yes, you are about to see lots of stickers, pictures cut into shapes, my first strap hinge albums... look with a gentle eye and please don't laugh! Okay, at least put your coffee down so you don't spit all over your screen while you laugh!

Here is a look at how I would scrap a baby photo today. Unfortunately, I don't have these same pictures to scrap because this was pre-digital era and I don't even know where my film strips are to take in for processing. (if they even do that anymore!) I scrapped a photo of my son at 6 months. I used Jillibean Soups Dutch Mustard collection. I have had these papers in my stash for a very long time waiting for the right layout. I think they worked perfectly for this.

     So there you  have it. A glimpse into why I scrapbook and a look at my changing style. I had fun going back and digging out a baby picture so that I can scrap some of those moments in my newer style. I'm sure in another 14 years I may have to do it again because of our ever changing craft.

Have a super Monday and I'll see you back here soon!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Is this for real??

Wow! I might be the worst blogger in the world. Start a blog with good intentions and then disappear! Yikes. Anyway I am back, but only briefly. This week turned into the week where everything I had on my calendar changed because of the unexpected. Family that we haven't seen in years came to town, a very sudden and surprising death, school and activity stuff that wasn't previously on the radar... you name it. Anyway, I don't have a page to share with you today but I am going to share a photo of the place i will be relaxing, one of my favorite places ever, the mountains of Colorado.

Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend. I promise I'll be back with some scrapping fun next week. 
Here is a sneak.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


September 4, 2012

Welcome to my little place! So excited to be starting this new adventure though I am totally nervous too. There is a giant learning curve ahead as I dive into the bloggy world. I am really doing this hoping that I can share a little of me with you and share the hobby that I love so much.
A little about me... I am just a day shy of turning 39. Hard to believe I am saying that because I certainly don't feel it. Sometimes I think back to my parents when they were this age and wonder if they felt the same way because I don't remember them seeming this young. I am a mom, that is the best word to describe me. It is who I am, what I do and all that consumes me! My oldest son is almost 15 and he is the reason I left teaching and decided not to work outside the home. I also have a 12 year old boy and have found that being a mom of boys has a lot of rewards attached to it and a lot of noise as well. It's a profession I hope I wear well.

Now on to the crafty stuff...
I am a scrapbooker and card maker. I also love to do other types of projects that take from those hobbies such as altered items, minis, frames, gifts etc.  You will see a lot of layouts and I'm hoping they will be ones that you can find some kind of inspiration from to use in your own craftiness! I hope to share lots of projects, put out a few challenges, encourage you to use some sketches (my favorite!) and maybe add a few little giveaways in there as well. I love to watch the newest trends and releases and will try to share some of that as well. I am a Cricut lover so you will see projects using my Expression 2 as well. Maybe sometime I will show you my collection of cartridges but not now. I don't want to scare you with my obsessions :)

Today I want to share the last page I've created. It is a 2 page layout using the Simple Stories Awesome collection. I love Simple Stories. This is a layout of my son and my husband as they both participated in races over a weekend. My son was in kindergarten (yes, in some ways I am that far behind) and was able to participate in the Mayor's Run in Lincoln, NE for the first time. This is a race that proceeds the Lincoln Marathon which my hubby participated in for many years. He ran the half marathon each time which I think is an amazing accomplishment!
I used my Cricut on here to create the little triangle arrows that I added to the layout. I've been seeing these on pages all over and finally found the right place to use them myself. 

I didn't get the best pic to upload. I used the SS transparency overlays on two of the photos and the glare just wouldn't go away. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am hoping that you will return and also share this blog with some friends. In my next few posts I am going to do a series of Lisa's favorites so that you can get to know me a little better. I have a special giveaway planned at the end of the mini-series so stay tuned!

See ya soon!