Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colorful Colorado and Giveaway!

Hey there! We got some great rain last night so the air is fresh, crisp and very fall like. I love these kinds of mornings. A little coffee on the deck, sunshine, my puppy running around and enjoying her yard, the sound of the water from our waterfall... it all adds up to perfect. I am craving something pumpkin. I think today is the day for getting out the baking supplies and making pumpkin bread for the guys. (and me too!) I always have to make two because half of us like chocolate chips in our pumpkin bread and half are the plain, boring type! You know, I am loving this fall morning so much that I'm thinking today is the perfect day for that giveaway I talked about. I'll get to that in a minute :)

First I want to share a couple of the photos I took on our Cog Train trip up to the top of Pikes Peak this last weekend. My father in law recently turned 70 and his love is trains. This was definitely a fun one. We were at prime time for seeing the aspens turn color which was a huge bonus. What a magnificent site. The last time I was at the top of Pikes Peak was when I was a little girl, I'm guessing maybe 8 or 9, and this time I was awestruck at the views all around me as they truly show the beauty of God's creation. I always think how much fun he must have had planning all this amazing landscape out. The only disappointment of the day was the haze that covered everything from the fires happening in the Northwest. The smoke just hung in the air and even though the sun was out the clarity of the view was a little muted.

Love when I get a good picture of my sons with me.

He is really not as bored as he looks!
Our train at the top of Pikes Peak

My cute Father and Mother in Law. Couldn't ask for better ones.

And the typical teenager... beauty all around but electronics prevail.

This was taken out of the back window of the train so the glare is a bit of a pain, but don't you just love the color??

That's it. Gorgeous, huh?? Now it's time for the giveaway. I have been checking out the fall lines and thinking these are pics that need to be scrapped right away! I have fallen in love with the Simple Stories Harvest Lane and the Lily Bee Autumn Spice lines. I couldn't find the Lily Bee at my local scrap store but I did fine the Harvest Lane and am ready to take on these beautiful picks. Lucky you, I happened to pick up an extra 6x6 Harvest Lane pad as well as some other fall related goodies that I am ready to give away to one fabulous follower! All you need to do is click the follow button on left side and sign up to follow my blog and then leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about fall. That's it! Easy peasy.  I will pick a winner and announce it next week on my blog.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I absolutely love the colOrs and smells at this time of year! The scenery in your pics is stunning!

  2. My favorite thing about fall has to be the cooler (but not too cold) temperatures and all of the colors... Gorgeous pics, too! Wow!

  3. What beautiful photos Lisa! I LOVE the fall colors and love seeing the trees turn and know that Thanksgiving and Christmas as just around the corner

  4. Beautiful pics! The best ones are of you and your family as those will be ones to definitely cherish! And I know what you mean about young people and their electronics! We took our kids and on their firt trip on the metrolink and while me my hubby and our friends were enjoying looking out the window at the scenery, all the kids were busy on their cell phones! LOL!
    My fav thing about fall is Pumpkin Spice Frappucinos at Starbucks - yummy-to-my-tummy!

  5. Love the picture of you and N!
    My favorite thing about this season would have to be all the changing colors on the trees...such a beautiful time of the year!
    My 2nd favorite would have to be the cooler evenings and mornings. It makes for great snuggling with the girls or the hubby!

  6. Your photos are breathtaking! I live in south Florida and we don't have views like that. Our leaves stay green, but you can still tell when fall is in the air - usually in December. My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of family - everyone just seems in nicer spirits. Happy to be your newest follower!

  7. Great pictures! LOVE fall colors!! My favorite part of fall is definitely all the gorgeous colors but I don't get to see much of it in Southern California. And I'd say I'd love the cooler weather but I'm still waiting for it to get here! :-)

  8. Great pictures! I am sure you will have lots of fun scrapping them!
    I love all the leaves changing color and the excuse to have a bonfire! There is nothing like sitting around a fire with the family on a cool evening!

  9. I have been there---Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, too! So beautiful! We took the same cog railway but it was end of December---talk about cold!!!
    So nice of you to offer a giveaway. I signed up to follow your blog (maybe you will follow me, too). My favorite thing about fall is the colors---the changing leaves, the pumpkins, the contrast with the crisp blue it!
    aka. brown eyed girl at Club CK

  10. We have been wanting to go to Colorado!! Hasn't happened yet tough!

    My favorite time of year is fall. I can not get enough of the leaves when the change. The colors are just so amazing!!!

    Now having kids pumpkin picking has taken on a whole new meaning now!! I loved it before, now I can not wait till the pumpkins arrive!!

  11. My favorite thing about fall here in the Pac. N.W. is cool nights and 65-70 days with sunshine.....glorious!

  12. My favorite thing about fall is harvest recipes! Stopping by to say hello from SITS fall project!

  13. warm colors, comfort foods and those yummy Starbucks drinks like Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel Mocha. YUMmo

  14. As soon as the temperatures start dropping even a little bit, my husband and I start talking snow. Fall to us is about building excitement for winter and fun in the snow with family and friends. After this heartwarming blog entry, I'm curious, if you had to choose just one - snappin' or scrappin', which would it be? You are very talented at both.

  15. Great photos. Looks like a good time had by all. I just found your blog over at the bloggers thread at I am now a follower. Hope you will come check my blog and become a follower at

  16. besides making and eating pies?? My favorite thing is the change in the air and pulling out my comfy cozy sweaters :)

  17. My favorite thing about fall is the colors - the trees look so pretty.

  18. Congrats on your new blog! I came here from Colorful Creations...I don't know if I can pick one favorite thing... I love the cooler temps, and changing colors of the leaves!!!


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