Sunday, March 3, 2013


One of the best memories my boys have is our annual trip to Grandma and Grandpa Peeples house for Wray days.  Wray is a small community that my husband grew up in and Wray days is their celebration they have every summer with fun things to do all weekend long. One of those things is the Bike and Trike race and we have carted the boys bikes in the back of the car to Wray every year so they can participate. They get so excited and pumped up because they "are the best bike riders ever" according to themselves. This year (2004) they kind of proved that by both getting the 1st place ribbon for their age category. Sweet!

This page is part of Drill #3 over at the S.W.A.T. blog that just went up yesterday. The challenge for this drill is to use four pictures on a single page layout. Using a lot of pictures on a single page can take some creative arranging especially if you are like me and like a clean and ordered look! I had to rearrange a few times because I also wanted to add the first place ribbons to the page which take up a lot of space. I am happy with how it turned out in the end. Last week I won the Childhood Memories line from a contest on the Imaginisce blog. The papers were perfect for the pictures I had. I also had some different washi tapes that went with the blues so I decided to create my own border for the page by laying pieces along the outside edge of the paper in random fashion. Love how it turned out.

Hoping you will take some time to head over and check out the challenge. We had quite a few participants last month and three of those participants walked away with some pretty sweet prizes. This drill has it's own awesome prize. It is a $20 gift card to 3 Scrappy Boys, a monthly kit club site as well as a shop where you can get many of the latest scrappy products.

Oh, and bummer news... I failed to make it to the last round of the Card Contest. So sad. I am pretty happy with making it through to the top 10 though and want to thank each of you for your votes and sweet comments as I made my way through. I'll definitely try again the next time.


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