Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday: Paper Clips and Staples

It's Tuesday again and I am up on the Practical Scrappers blog. Today we are taking paper clips and staples and finding ways to use them on your crafty projects. Such a basic supply that most people have laying around their office or junk drawer so why keep them there collecting dust, right?

I created a two page layout and had the BEST idea in my head for how the sun embellishment I was making was going to end up looking when finished. You know how you have this picture of a finished product but it doesn't end up looking just right? Yeah, that's definitely what happened here. BUT we are crafters and when something doesn't work we try to make the best of it so...

There you have it! I actually like the way my sun turned out even though it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned.  I began by cutting a 3 inch circle with my Cricut. I then began folding and stapling 3 different ribbons and stapling them onto the circle. Since the goal of the assignment was to use staples I wanted the staples to actually show, but after stapling all the ribbon on the original circle it looked bulky, messy and not much like a sun. I decided to cut a second circle out and pop dot it over the stapled ribbon to give the sun a finished look. You can't actually see the staples, but by using staples to attach the ribbon I was able to give the layered look of the ribbon pieces by folding the ribbon into a v shape and attaching at the fold. I also took a paper clip I had laying around and added a small flower sticker embellishment to the top. I added this to the top of a photo in the  "white space" of the photo to add a little interest to that side of the page. Most of this page is done using the Summer Fresh line from Simple Stories and it was perfect for the lake photos.

Head over to the Practical Scrappers blog and get some more great ideas for using these basic supplies. Check out our Facebook page too. We just passed 2000 fans! Wahoo!



  1. Very cute layout! And now I want SUMMER! LOL! :)

  2. great layout! love the 2 pager and all the pics!!! thx for stopping by my blog! :)


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