Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mixed Media Madness- Choose Love

I'm back for a second post today to share my newest mixed media project that incorporates my one word challenge for myself for the month of February. I was excited to see that our first drill for March on the S.W.A.T. blog for this month involved mixed media as I have started to step outside my creative box and experiment a little with some fun techniques lately. I have to tell you, it is a stretch for me because it often involves letting ago my perfectionist, line it up and make it look even tendencies in order to let things just happen. I do enjoy trying out different mediums though and experimenting a little with textures and colors.
In February I decided to focus on love as my one word challenge for this year. My word for the year is Choose and I decided to make a conscious effort to focus on choosing love and what that means. For me, choosing love goes back to a phrase that I have been challenged with over the last couple of years that incorporates how I want to live my life so others see what I am about. Love God, Love Others. Four simple words but with actions behind those four simple words a world of difference can be made around us. As a Christian I feel that we sometimes get a lot of criticism based off of harsh or critical behavior of a few. To me, living my life for Christ and showing others that He is important to me boils down to what I do to show these four simple words in my life. If I truly love God and work to build intimacy in my relationship with Him that will build an outflow in my life that will impact others more than any words I can say. And the same is true with loving others. If I love others the way that God loves others I will show it with kindness, gentleness, acceptance, peace, empathy, compassion... all things that would like to see grow within myself.  God's love for me and for everyone is not harsh, angry, judgemental, or critical. It is full of mercy and grace and a kindness that we can only begin to understand. Because I want to be able to be a vessel of God's love I created a reminder for myself and my family of what choosing love boils down to.

For this piece I started with a fresh coat of Gesso. I then used some Gel medium and several stencils I have to create some interesting textural pieces. I applied some she art journal paper and let that dry as well. I began applying some different gelattos and spraying them with water to help blend them. This was my first time working with gelattos after receiving them for Christmas. OH, I'm in love! So fun to work with blending and creating depth of color. I chose to just work with shades of orange which is a total stretch for me. Not a normal color choice for me but it was fun to step out and try something different. My first instinct was blues and purples which won't surprise those who know me, but since this was a challenge I made myself try a different palette.  After the gelattos set I added the pink burlap heart which I traced from a stencil made with my Cricut. I'm not fabulous free handing so I like a little help :) I added a little ink to define the edges, placed my stickers for the title, did a little distressing and sanding and then finished with some random stamps. I am pleased with the final results.
So how about you? Do you indulge in a little mixed media? Whether it be creating canvas', art journal pages, incorporating it into your scrapbook pages or cards...whatever your fun may be, we would love to have you link it up to our challenge at S.W.A.T. You have the full month of March to get it done and linked up. Paper Bakery is the sponsor for this month and they are awesome! I used several pieces from their August mixed media kit including the she art paper, the burlap, and their exclusive stencil that came with the kit. If you haven't seen their monthly selection of kits you need to check them out.


  1. A beautiful canvas with such a powerful message in just four little words. Love it!


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