Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trendy Twine

I'm a little late posting this. Yesterday was a lazy day. We were all prepared for a Colorado blizzard that had been predicted so the boys had a snow day. The blizzard? Not sure where that went. It ended up being pretty inconsequential. No complaining here though. I love a day where we have no plans made and we just kind of hang.

Yesterday was all about the twine on the Practical Scrappers blog. Twine is seen all over the place in the crafting world and you can get it in just about any color there is, but how do you use it? I personally love to use twine on my projects whether it is simply used for the center of a button, or if I use it to hang a banner on a page or card, or if I choose to get more creative with it. Today I chose to use it on a card to create a rainbow sunburst as part of a springy greeting to a friend.

I love the look of the twine against the embossed background. And the colors make me smile. Hopefully it will bring a cheery feeling to my friend as well. 

Here are some other ideas for using twine: 

Make a spider web design for a spooky embellishment.

 Tie a pencil or some other school theme object to a layout. 

Wrap a photo and tie it with a bow.

You can find quite a few other ideas and examples on the Practical Scrappers blog today. Take a look and see if you can be inspired. What are your favorite ways to use twine or have you used it yet?



  1. Oh Lisa, I love that twine on the card. That is such a good idea. I also use my twine a lot on layouts but that card is just smashing :D

  2. Oh wow, love the use of twine on all of these!! Very creative!


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