Saturday, April 5, 2014


Happy Saturday! It is a new month and we are starting it off at S.W.A.T by challenging you to mix up your supplies and techniques and pick a row to create your project.

I am hoping you will join us for this challenge. When you do be sure you let us know what row you used and remember this challenge can be combined with any challenge so have fun but please don't forget to link back to us here at S.W.A.T.

Now let me share what I created for this challenge. I chose to use an arrow, number, rub-ons, doily and two photos (vertical line #4) as my bingo. The two picture part was easy since I had these two photos of my sweeties laying on my desk ready to scrap anyway. Oh for them to be this little and cute again!

I miss the days of them dressing like cowboys and playing together. Nathan had a long period of time where he was obsessed with his cowboy boots and his little brother liked to follow and do anything his big brother did so this was often how I would find them. Now for the bingo part. The arrow is pretty easy to find. The numbers are in the top right corner on the mail stamp. This is also a rub on as are the brackets under the title. Finally the doily is  the mat that is behind the photos. I first wasn't sure that this would be ok since it is not what we traditionally think of when we think of Grandma's lace doilies, but the definition of a doily includes any small, ornamental mat so I figure this diamond mat that I cut using my Cricut would qualify :)

That's it for me. Working on my craft room today. I have been painting it all week and am ready to get the furniture put together and the space organized.  Have a super weekend!


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  1. Love this Lisa...great colors and techniques! Have a very blessed easter!


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