Friday, October 18, 2013

Pinterest Inspired with Practical Scrappers

Happy Friday! The kids have been out of school all week for fall break and it has been busy. I also have been interviewing and filling out paperwork for several schools for substitute teaching positions. I will officially have my first day back in the classroom next Tuesday. I hate to admit it, but I am rather nervous and hoping it all comes back to me the minute I walk in to the class.

Today is all about fall inspiration on the Practical Scrappers blog and where better to be inspired than Pinterest? I try to limit my time on Pinterest because when I do get on, I get lost. Time seems to disappear and before I know it I have pinned and drooled and laughed for way too long. Anyone else feel me? I created a card today to send to a friend. It is Halloween color inspired even though it isn't a Halloween card per se. Unfortunately I had a difficult time getting a great picture and my battery died before I could try for a different one. Hoping you can look past the odd angle. :)

My inspiration came from the photo below. I love the mix of gray, orange and black. I happened to spot the perfect washi on clearance yesterday as I was walking through Michaels with my son. I mimicked the layers by stacking my washi and used circles instead of pumpkins.  It's a loose interpretation but isn't that what is so fun about inspiration? What I see may be different from the next person, and what speaks to me may not really hit the next person as something they would enjoy.
                                                  Halloween Hurricanes from My Heart's Desire Simple way to get some Halloween color in your decor ~ layer dried beans!
So how about you? Where do you find your inspiration? Are you a Pinterest addict, an occasional viewer or have you never pinned? Leave me your name or a link to your Pinterest page in the comments below. I'd love to follow you. And I would love if you followed me here as well.

I'll be back tomorrow with October's second drill for S.W.A.T.  It's a fabulous sketch that you won't want to miss.


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