Sunday, December 16, 2012

15 Years

My oldest son turned 15 today. That fact simply blows me away! It doesn't feel possible to have that many years already in the books as his mom.  I can remember the anticipation of his arrival, the very first moment he looked up at me as they laid him on my tummy, the feel of his soft skin and his finger wrapped around mine. Now I have to look up to see his face, and when I gave him a hug this morning he actually lifted me off my feet.  He is no longer my little boy... he's a young man who is maturing and growing daily before my eyes.  I am amazed and excited to see the person that he is becoming.  He is a great kid and it's been fun to watch him as he has entered  high school this year and has begun to make his way into a whole new world. I know these next few years will go by fast, so tonight I will just hold him close as I hug him before bed and relish the time with my boy.

Love you, Nathan!

I'll be back later this week with some more Christmas fun.

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