Saturday, July 6, 2013

Going Neon

We all love a little bit of 80's right? My kids definitely agree with that as they are frequently subjected to my favorite 80's radio station in the car all too often. Today is flashback day on the S.W.A.T blog and drill #11 is posted with a look at all things neon.
I have to admit I was having a bit of a creative mojo slump when working on my project for this drill. I love a great 80's song but working with neon isn't my go to thing. As a matter of fact, my massive  inventory of supplies (which truly needs a clean out) was sorely lacking in anything neon. The only neon I had in my stash was two ink pads. That's right. Two ink pads. I thought about running out to my local scrap store but guilt over the fact that I am adding way to often to my supplies when I really should be using them stopped me. That and remembering some cupcake wrappers I had on hand that came close to fitting the bill. Here's what I came up with. (Remember, the mojo was lacking a bit!)

Disclaimer: The colors of the ink truly are a bit brighter than they appear on here. I had trouble trying to adjust them properly with my software. Anyway, the gals on the design team did a fabulous job with their flashbacks and there are some truly fun examples of neon on the blog today. Come check it out and join in on the fun by linking up your own 80's/neon project. There is a fabulous Elle's Studio prize being offered by our sponsor for this challenge, Boy's Rule. I would love to see some of you stopping by and joining in. Let me know if you do. 



  1. I love your card!! What lack of mojo?! Seriously, the cupcake holder - genius! I think you rocked the neon challenge here.

  2. I love the idea of using cupcake paper for your background!!

  3. Pretty card! Cool idea to used cupcake paper..super creative..xoxox

  4. Fab card! I think you did an awesome job w/the challenge! Very creative and I love the pearls too!

  5. Great card! Totally inspired to add some neon colors to my stash!

  6. what a fun and colourful card !


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