Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but remember that saying from the last post about life happening?? hmmm...
My son is in a theater production at his school. This week was performance week and though it was a smaller part, he did a fabulous job. This boy may have a future in acting which really doesn't surprise me. :) Yesterday was their final performance and cast party. Just before the show he and another kid were "entertaining" their fellow cast mates with a tango and somehow Chris ended up down with his knee caught up behind him. I was just on my way to the school when they called and said I may want to come take him to the ER because it wasn't looking so good! He refused to go until he finished the play so he performed his role in a wheelchair. Dedication..that's good right? Needless to say we spent the rest of the evening in the ER with a boy who was upset about missing his cast party. The initial read of the MRI shows no tear in the acl or mcl which is good news. They are going to have an ortho specialist look at the MRI today to make sure nothing else is there we should be concerned about. So my poor boy is spending his thirteenth birthday today sitting with his leg elevated and a lot of pain! We are having family over this afternoon for cake, ice cream and presents so maybe that will bring some cheer. So happy birthday, Chris! You've stepped into your teen years and I am proud of the amazing young man you are becoming. You are our humorous entertainer who brings light and laughter to our family. I know God placed you in our family for that very purpose because you remind your sometimes uptight, perfectionist parents that life can and should be fun. I love you and am excited to see the paths God will lead you down. Keep your heart open to Jesus and your zest for life and excitement close. But please, please keep the broken bones and injuries to a minimum in this newest phase of life!

And for the post that was supposed to go up yesterday... Happy 50th birthday to an incredible sister in law who is also a much needed and appreciated friend to me. I love you! Hopefully I'll see you today before you see this, but if not, that is what you get for going to Bermuda :)

 Have a super Sunday! Off to bake a birthday cake.

Update: Just got a call from the specialist. Poor kid tore his Meniscus and is looking at surgery. What a happy birthday.

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  1. Ohhh your poor son! That sucks that he got hurt and had to miss his cast party!
    But, Happy Birthday to him!!!
    The big 1-3!!! Wow!


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